Painting Thieves in Films

One of my favorite movies is “The Thomas Crown Affair” originally created in 1968 and then redone in 1999.  The movie is a about an art thief who really just enjoys the thrill of stealing the art.  He has plenty of money of course but he does it just for the fun.  He steals  some really impressive paintings in some rather unique ways.  Although a bit slow in parts it’s certainly has some great moments.  One of the best scenes is when he hires many people to run through a museum in suits and bowling hats.  I chuckled watching that.

You may have see a newer recent series called “White Collar”.   This reminds me very much of “The Thomas Crown Affair”.  But, they don’t limit themselves to just paintings.  It seems that the show just ended last year and I have not watched the ending just yet.  So, don’t tell me what happens.  In this show the thief joins the FBI to assist them with catching thieves but also continues to steal art.  It’s definitely worth watching.  

Of course in real life art thieves aren’t much like what’s shown on the screen.  They don’t care much about the paintings and they just want to see if they make some money.