A winter snowstorm flashback

I’m showing a few winter paintings to help us remember how nice it is for it to be warm again.  I hope you get out to enjoy some nice weather where you are.  But, first you should read a few entries in this blog and head on over to my shop to buy a few paintings.

I created these paintings using acrylics on canvas.  I start with the sky and background before adding the foreground.  Some artists will break a painting into sections and pretend that there six sections.  That process has not worked for me.  I like to think of the entire project and work all of the entire piece.  Not that I can paint the entire piece from one side to the other without stopping.  That would be really impressive I am sure.   I suppose there are printers that can do that but I not a printer.

I enjoy painting snow paintings much more than I enjoy playing in the snow.  I prefer warm weather but I know others that like to get out to hit the slopes and make a snow person.   Good for them.  Enjoy your “no snow” day.