Rockwell & Rambrandt

I like the paintings created by Rembrandt and Rockwell.  I think they capture scenes very well and there’s so much detail.

A Rockwell recently sold for $46 Million.  He captures a moment so well.  You can even see some steam happening outside of the window.  It’s quite impressive.
Norman Rockwell's 1951 painting "Saying Grace" broke auction records at Sotheby's in New York on Wednesday when it sold for a record $46 million.

The details with the silverware, the newspaper, the umbrella and other little things make you feel like you are right there with those people.

Rembrandt made this gem below.  As I understand it, this painting has been stolen so it’s difficult to say how much it’s worth but there is a $5 Million Dollar reward being offered.   It tells quite the story with the clouds, the ship and the guys hanging on during a storm.  It’s a bit dark but it is still quite impressive.

Rembrandt Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee.jpg